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Dogs have gum is why?
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Gum as we have similarDogsThe eyes are also metabolites, under normal circumstances,DogsThe gum color in light, were brown after dry, sometimes Xing lumps, just a little clean up on the line, but if the duration of relatively long, more volume, that parents can get attention, which may be related to some diseases. Please contact your veterinarian promptly and immediately withDogsAssociated treatment.

One of the reasons: too busy in the fire


IfDogsSustained a large number of brown mucus, is likely to be suffering from some kind of eye disease. May be eye health, may also be lit to eat some things, such as pepper, onion, pepper and other spicy foods, which cause eye irritation, produce large amounts of mucus. In such cases, you do not worry too much, it can be observed whether the swelling of the eye, bloodshot spot whether, if the situation is not very serious, do not have to sent to the pet hospital, you can wipe it with the ointment of some anti-inflammatory and then to observe a few days, if not better, then take it to the doctor.


The second reason: foreign body entering the eye


Some supportDogsFriends reflected their own pet dog gum, but not how to manage, left unchecked Actually, I’m what effect, without any exception. This is likely to exist, because the sensitivity of the eye dogs far worse than humans, we entered the human eye if the speck of dust, will be uncomfortable for a long time, butDogsFall into the eyes of even a hair, it is still alive and kicking, as if nothing had happened like, in which case, parents can be bent down, slowly clawed its eyes, forced blow away foreign body, it is not You can put pot of water, let it soak in the head inside the small dog is certainly struggling, but as long as eyes, foreign body has been washed away by water, this method is fast and easy. But for the gum, or as soon as possible clean-up of wonderful parents, not because of the long-term cleaning, gum will eyelashes are dyed brown, then think about clean-up is very difficult, to the detriment appearance.


The third reason: disease-causing inflammation


DogsThan gum on the one hand may be too busy in the fire, another reason may also be caused by keratitis, eye drops or ointment in general can be effectively treated, in addition to keep the eyes clean, if a lot of time scrubbing your gum, you gentamicin can buy a small bottle of eye drops to use it, one day drop back a few days like 3-5 good enough sleep, usually not harmful, do not worry too much.


The fourth reason: and breeds


Such asBichon Dogs 、Old English Sheepdog 、Poodle, Polly dogs,Dogs can be kept 、Chow ChowSo too are prone to gum symptoms, if left unchecked, it will form a “tear”, for such congenital reasons, parents can give their feed some light dog food is not greasy, the other with chloramphenicol eye drops, 3 times a day or so, the effect is also pretty good ~


Dog NetworkRemind you:


If the dog around the eye secretions were turbid or purulent (thick, color), most eyes have been infected. When this happens it should be noted. Dog hair is not tangle around the eye, or accumulation of secretions, would inevitably lead to infection. We recommend that you use the cotton cloth soaked in warm water or wash with a special eye drops, wash around the eye. Then with a dog to a reliable animal hospital for treatment.



To help get rid of eating dog poo, bad habit of grazing


A dog eating feces why dogs eat feces in medicine called “coprophagy” disease, dogs eat feces because more complex, according to the cause of division is divided into psychological, disease, parasites, lack of trace elements and other reasons . However, family pets dogs eat poo most of the problems caused by the digestive disease. City life dog enough exercise, eating meat and snacks high side. So the dog is easy digestion and absorption problems. Dog in the gastrointestinal discomfort feces may contain a large number of no digestion and absorption of protein, nose sensitive dogs can smell the fecal protein, they will think it is the delicious food and enjoyed it. The dangers of eating feces eating dog feces that such actions are unsanitary and hazardous to the health of dogs, many dogs will be discharged from intestinal parasites or eggs in the stool, if it is dogs, their feces may carry germs. Healthy dog once ate dogs with parasites, or fecal droppings have a risk of infection.


Second, the dogs will eat grass why the dog is difficult to digest the leaves, with stems of grass and other things, they eat primarily to improve gastrointestinal function. When the dog would eat to feel indigestion, stimulate gastrointestinal motility, the stomach, vomiting, or excreted out of things. In addition to gastrointestinal discomfort and grazing, dogs also because of the lack of trace elements, minerals, and vitamins C and grazing. Grazing damage green lawn chemicals are often sprayed insecticides. So many toxins will be deposited on the leaves. Urban air pollution, the air a lot of dirt will be attached to the leaves, dog food will be harmful to health.


Third, adjust the dog food diet to improve the different behavior


in domesticated dog eat dog feces and the body of the grass-eating different food behavior, mainly by the more common causes of micronutrient deficiencies due to improper diet, or stomach caused by indigestion. To change the pet’s different eating behavior, preferred to change the dogs are eating habits. Do not over-fed meat, so the dog can relieve the burden on the stomach, promote digestion...Read More


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